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What is HC?

Harmony Creole is a heterogeneous music ensemble, with a varied experiences of collaborations, merging electronic and acoustic instruments with polychromatic atmospheres for Movies and Theatre Soundtracks, Audiobrand, Sound Design, Lives and Compositions for VideoArt.


Spirit Brainwork.

«Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a sleepwalker Organ or a Luciferic Zither.
Sometimes like a Cuban Bass, or a whisper in an empty factory.
In essence, a Philharmonic wandering, synthesizing miscellany tunes of an invisible and sacred cloister. «


La Casa Fantasma, Makmac, Physalia, Anfíbic, CJE, Animac, MAD MMX, BMW, Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, Nusos, Global Eco Forum, H2O Gallery, C&A, Barcelona Botanical Institut, La Lleonera Theatre Company, Lobster pictures tv, Brik, Elem3ntal, Royal Belgian Badminton Federation.